Furry Face – A Vector Illustration


It’s all Perception…I Think

Sometimes you just have to let go of what you think is right and do what you can. Today I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my five hour work day. Before I could even tackle the second task, my printer went down. I spent about an hour total trying to get it working again and talking to our IT guy. Needless to say this put quite a damper on my ‘To Do’ list. I improvised on a couple of things and in the end I made sure everything was done that needed to be. For some reason the universe felt the need to alter my plans according to its will. That’s just how it is sometimes and all we can do is accept it and move on. I find that when I am struggling to make things go my way according to what my ego thinks is ‘right’ is when I am the least creative. It is only when I am going with the flow that things feel right and my creativity blossoms.

I was thinking the other day about how I criticize my work. No matter how ‘good’ I think my work is I can always find room for improvement. What makes design and art ‘good’ depends on the opinion of the viewer and opinions are based on an enumerable number of variables. With this in mind can any design or work of art ever be complete or perfect? Would there not always be something that could be altered to make it better in someone else’s view? I think the only perfect design is found in nature, that is, all of nature. Why else would we struggle to mirror its beauty in our creations? This reminds me of a quote by Ambrose Bierce, “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.” I have come to realize from this line of thought that it is not the design that is important, but the intention behind it. Just because someone has ‘bad’ intentions that they want to manifest through their design work, does not mean that they cannot create wonderful design. However, I would rather create hideous design with the best of intentions that to have it any other way.

On ‘Being’ Creative

When you are seeking the creative spark is when it is the hardest to find.

Spontaneous imagination is always more fruitful than mechanical thought.

These two statements about creativity are easy to acknowledge, yet much harder to live by. How does one let go of ‘the box’ and start to let the imagination run wild? I look at the works of other’s and think to myself, “Where do they come up with all these wonderful ideas?” I feel that even though I am creative, I lack the ability to fully express my ideas. I am somehow blocking my own creative expression. This is not to say that I have a lack of ideas, in reality it is quite the opposite. I have so many ideas that they are all getting lost in the shuffle.

I realize that one of my biggest challenges is my organization, or lack thereof. I have so many ideas, files, and images scattered between two computers and my semi-organized filing system for my hard copy, that I can’t seem to focus on where to begin. There are so many different projects that I could be putting my energy into that I just end up feeling overwhelmed and playing WOW instead.

Affirmative action seems to me to be the best course to take in this situation. Since I know one of my problems is organization, I’ll start there. Once I have all of my files and images on one computer and organized efficiently, then I can start to think about what to do with it all. My goal is to have at least two projects in progress to work on in my spare time. Sitting down to brainstorm ideas and then making a list of all the ones I come up with that I feel are worthwhile in pursuing will help me focus and stay on track. I need to keep in mind when coming up with project ideas, where I want to go in my career, what is going to help me build my skill set, and will these projects contribute something to society? The latter is a personal goal to not work solely for my own benefit, but to help make a positive difference in the world as a whole. I feel that the best work comes from the intention of benefitting the whole rather than the one.

Another way I find to build my creativity is to write. Other than the writing I have done for college over the last three years, I haven’t been taking the time to write for myself. I find that putting my thoughts down on paper helps me to focus and will allow me to go back to that moment in time at a later date and pull from those thoughts and feelings, which I may have forgotten about.

Anyway, my goal is not to seek creativity. My goal is to be creative. However, in order to make this happen I need to let go and just let it flow. If I am focused on the hope of being creative then I am being driven by the fear that I am not. Good ideas cannot be forced out by hope and fear, they must be allowed to flow like love and gratitude. Along these same lines I also have to keep perspective on my work in the terms of ‘bad’ and ‘good’. What I may look at and think is lousy work on my part, someone else may see as brilliant. This has been proven many times to me in my college career. I have turned in quite a few assignments that I thought weren’t so good that I received a perfect score on. We are always our own worst critics and even thought I know this, sometimes it does slip my mind and I find myself the victim of my own attacks.