Questions for the Budding Designer

“If you want to be famous, design for your critics, If you want to be wealthy, design for your customers, If you want to be happy, design for yourself.”

– Unknown

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses with your current design skills?

I feel that the strengths of my current design skills are my use of hierarchy and color. I use these two elements to draw the eye to important content in my designs. I also design with the golden rectangle (or ratio) in mind to create more visually pleasing designs.

A weakness of my current design skills is that I tend to let myself become stuck in an idea instead of starting from scratch and trying something completely new. Sometimes all a design needs is for me to walk away from it for a little while and then it will come together just fine. Other times I end up creating something totally different, but it’s these times that it takes me a while to realize it and I lose valuable time in the process.

Do you think you will ever be completely finished with your portfolio? Why or why not?

I think that the only way my portfolio will ever be completely finished is if and when I retire. As a designer you’re always creating something new and your style may change, or you’ll work for a different company or client. Hopefully your work improves and evolves over time as well. You want to reflect these things in your portfolio. The business is always changing, especially with the web, so it is important to show that you are abreast of current trends and techniques.