SOC 401 – Survey of Research Methodologies: Week 2 – Topic Description

The topic I would like to pursue for my projects in this class is the unhealthy American diet. My mother was a health food nut and always tried to get me to eat ‘good’ food. ‘Good’ food translated to me as ‘yucky’, I wanted sugar and all the foods I saw on T.V. Now that I am older I am beginning to understand what my mother was trying to teach me all those years ago, that processed foods are bad for you and whole foods are good. Sounds simple right?

I recently began talking to a co-worker of mine, who happens to have gone to college for fitness and nutrition. She has become my non-official coach in my quest to healthy eating, and what I have learned so far is enough to make me want to buy myself a farm. I’m interested in learning more about how our country went from eating home cooked meals to eating processed, frozen dinners. I want to know more about the process and ingredients that make up the ‘foods’ we eat. In addition, I would also like to investigate other harmful effects our food has on, not only us, but the world around us.

Since learning to eat healthy is a topic I am interested in and something I feel that more people should know about, I feel that it would make the perfect topic for my research project.

Here are some websites I plan to use in my research:


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