LIT415-Science Fiction And Fantasy-Week 1

Journal: WWI Summary

In the story Starship Troopers, we are placed in a world very similar to our own. One exception is that war is now obsolete on earth. The continued functioning of the world’s military forces is done out of tradition more so than need. In the first chapter of this book, we follow the main character, Johnnie, on a flight mission to an alien planet. This chapter establishes the novum of this story’s technological and military advances over our own, for instance, the character’s powder suit which allows him to jump very high and soar through the air over large distances quickly. Once we enter chapter two, we are brought back in time to right before Johnnie entered the military. I think Johnnie is confused about what to do with his life and is influenced by how he feels others perceive him. Not wanting to look like a coward to his best friend and in an effort to rebel against his father, he enters the military almost without any thought as to what it really means to do so. I have never read anything written by Heinlein, as far as I know. I am not a big fan of the space themed genre. However, I am willing to give any well-renowned author at least one shot. Unfortunately, I cannot say I am so enthralled with the book that I simply cannot put it down, yet I am becoming more interested with each chapter. Whether I read more from this author or not in the future depends on how I feel by the end of the book.

The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells was, in my opinion, an entertaining read. The main character, Mr. Cave is a pitiful old man who lives under the noses of his wife and stepchildren. Upon his discovery of the crystal egg’s true nature, Mr. Cave becomes obsessed with observing the alien world on which he spied through the egg. He even goes to great lengths to hide the egg from his wife who wishes to sell it for a large sum of money. In order to keep the egg hidden he entrusts it to his friend Mr. Wace and they study the egg together. I think the end of this story is rather disappointing, Mr. Cave dies and the egg disappears. As I said, I enjoyed the story; however, I would have enjoyed more interaction between the two worlds. Maybe some mind communication via the egg, or mysterious evidence found by Mr. Wace, alluding to the possibility that Mr. Cave did not die but was actually abducted. I am relatively sure that I have not read any of H.G. Wells work before either. His name is very familiar to me, but then, he is a well-known author. From what I can tell from reading The Crystal Egg, I think I would enjoy reading more from this author and look forward to doing so in the future.


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