Evaluate an Ad Campaign – The Ladders

The Ladders:

The ad campaign I chose to evaluate is that of The Ladders, an executive job and career management site. Both the television ad and the website share a clean cut, professional look. However, the television spot adds a humorous twist to the term, “Making you more attractive to employers.” by having office workers posing seductively in the workplace. The people shown on the website share the same professional appearance as the ones in the commercial. It is important for all media ads in the same campaign to share similar qualities. This is something that helps to identify and establish brand identity. Another common element I found in both media types is the company logo. Having a unique logo and making use of it in all areas of the ad campaign also helps to establish the company’s brand identity and visually connect the ad with the brand. Boasting helpful tools and guidance for individuals who join the site is also a common theme between these two platforms. This is important to inform the target audience what the site is all about and how using it will benefit them. Without this explanation of the website’s function, people would be less inclined to take any action after viewing the commercial.


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