Product Marketing Within a Game Assignment – Red Bull & WoW

Here is what I came up with:

Product Marketing Within a Game


The game I chose to market another product into is World of Warcraft, or wow for short. The reason I chose this game is that, like over 11 million other people, I love it. Wow is a massive multi-player online role-playing game or MMORPG for short. I started playing just about five years ago and for a while, I think was actually addicted. Once I entered college however, I had to cut down on my playtime.

One thing I know from playing this game myself, is that players do not want to be bothered by real world advertisements in game. Any kind of marketing strategy would have to fit seamlessly within the gaming world. Another point to consider is the benefit to the players. In order to market with in-game content, there would have to be an advantage gain for the players. Static advertisements definitely will not work in World of Warcraft. Since players of this game come from all different time zones and play at various times for various lengths of time, the marketing in-game content should reflect this and be made available to every segment.

I began thinking about this in the form of player buffs, which are attributes that are gained when certain foods are eaten, or spells are cast, and last for a certain amount of time. The two images below show an example of a player buff from food.









However, I think that in order for one of these types of items to create a lot of buzz it would have to give players a rather larger buff. Then I started thinking about the different kinds of items that are available in game and it hit me, Red Bull gives you wings. With every purchase of Red Bull, there could be a chance to win one of a few different prizes. On the low end could be the food buff items and on the high end, a flying mount. Land and flying mounts are a big deal for wow players. Especially, limited edition mounts. Owning one of these special mounts gives players bragging rights and they love to show them off.















In my opinion, a Red Bull flying mount giveaway would just about guarantee at least one purchase of Red Bull per player and if they guaranteed a prize with every can, sales would be through the roof.


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