Server Scripting Basics

The whole programming and coding aspect of web design seemed, at first, intimidating to say the least. However, I have found that if I take my time the concepts are not all that hard to understand. In my effort to understand the difference between server and client side scripting, I came up with my own memory device. With server-side scripting the server ‘serves the meal and takes care of the cleanup’ (returns to the client the results of running the script without all the messy code in the source file) Whereas with client side scripting the client (browser) has to do all the cooking and cleaning themselves (the code is executed by the browser and can be seen by anyone in the source file)

In addition to our text and lecture, The PHP Manual was a big help in my research. I am happy to say that my excitement for this class is growing. According to the manual PHP can do anything! Anything? I’m not yet convinced, but then again I still don’t understand most of it either. I did notice that PHP is not limited to outputting only HTML, but that it also handles images, PDF, Flash movies, and XML files. The manual also states that PHP is, “extremely simple for a newcomer.” I sure hope they are right.


3 thoughts on “Server Scripting Basics

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