A new piece for my Creative Writing class

The following poem is entitled “SNAP!” This is the first draft for my writing studio, so please let me know what you think!



She trots down the city street

A rare bird, a morning dove

Clipped steps and all


She moves amongst them now

Staring at the hardened faces

Wondering what to make of them

She looks back from behind


There’s nothing left here anymore

It all went right for her

Now it’s over like eggs and candy soup

But what does that mean?

To her nothing but a soul…lost


Back to reality

She wont tell you what she makes of it

Figure it out on your own

She’s a trigger finger – happy

Wearing her crown

Wearing her bones


She marches down the street

Like she’s in some secret parade

Of polliwogs and things to come

Powder burns bandaged up

From the things she said

Not one of us

But one of the many we’ll never touch


And then she’s gone

With her sequins and succulent delights

Leaving behind all that was me

She takes a step and turns right

Not to be long but forever

Misgiving Miss Haps

A gun sitting quietly on the table

Passing the time



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